Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC)


吊運前為輪盤量重	Dissembling Old Gearbox 更換驅動齒輪餅	Replacing Driven Sprocket 更換驅動齒輪餅	Replacing Driven Sprocket 拆除主軸軸承	Replacing Main Shaft Bearing of RBC Set 更換驅動齒輪鏈	Replacing Gear Chain 安裝新的主軸軸承及軸承座	Installing Main Shaft Bearing & House 拆卸舊的齒輪箱	Dissembling Old Gearbox 安裝新的齒輪箱	Installing New Gearbox 安裝新的膠片組	Installing New Media Block 安裝新的接駁主軸	Installing New Shaft Connector 為舊的主軸接駁進行除銹	Removing rust of Old Shaft 拆除主軸軸承	Dissembling Old Main Shaft Bearing 安裝主軸軸承	Installing New Main Shaft Bearing 為主軸軸承加潤滑油脂	Greasing the Main Shaft Bearing


  - Function 功用
       To provide the media for growing of bacteria that        digests the organic in effluent