Preventive Maintenance


定期添加潤滑油脂 Fill up the lubricant grease regularly 定期檢查及潤滑電動閘閥 Check & Grease the Electric Actuator regularly 定期清理及檢查控制箱 Clean up & check the Control Panel regularly 定期清洗紫外線管 Clean up the UV Light Tube regularly 定期檢查及清理潛水式曝氣機 Check and clean up Submersible Ejector regularly 定期檢查及清理潛水式污水泵 Check and clean up Submersible Pump regularly 定期更換齒輪箱壓力油   Replace Hydraulic Oil of Gearbox regularly 定期檢查射流器   Check Aerator regularly


  - Function 功用
       To maintain the proper operation of equipment and        prevent the sudden fault